As Governor of the Bay Islands of Honduras, I would like to share with you a link to the page where you can make donations for the Bay Islands during the COVID 19 crisis and pandemic. Our economy and residents rely heavily on tourism and this epidemic will leave many without food, no basic necessities and even living in the streets. With what you donate, we will buy items such as medical equipment, food, protection for doctors and more. Help us and share the link as much as you can.

ON ISLAND? Please donate and support our Chamber of Tourism, Rotary Club, Roatan Marine Park, BICA, and all of the other great foundations that you know here on the island working hard to help us recover.

The Make It Count Foundation

Dino Silvestri, Governor of the Bay Islands, has issued a call for assistance to the people of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

"Tourism is the primary industry throughout the Bay Islands of Honduras, and it has been gravely affected by the current Covid19 pandemic. Many individuals and families rely on this industry to put a roof over their head, food on the table, provide healthcare and more. The unemployment numbers are now staggering as a result of the pandemic and we need your support, to help us, help our people through these tough times."

Through our Roatan based partner, Little Friends Foundation, the Make It Count Foundation, Inc will coordinate the purchase and shipping of requested items as fast as possible.

SOL International Foundation

SOL International Foundation (also a US 501.3 C) is dedicating 100% of donations received during this crisis towards food relief on the island. Partnering with Nidia Webster and the central food bank in Coxen Hole.