Roatan & Bay Islands


This website by Governor Dino Silvestri, is dedicated to providing accurate and current information to the residents of Roatan and the Bay Islands of Honduras during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
This page will provide English updates to ex-patriots, stranded tourists, English speaking Islanders and anyone that requires updates on the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to the Bay Islands.
If you suspect you are having symptoms of COVID-19, please call (+504 8820-2444 a local Roatan contact). They will go to your house, take samples, and send them out for testing. They do reserve the right to not test based on questionnaires evaluating your symptoms.

Si usted sospecha que tiene síntomas de COVID-19, por favor llame al contacto local en Roatán (+504 8820-2444). Personal médico llegara a su casa a tomar las muestras y las enviarán para su análisis. Se pueden reservar el derecho de no realizar pruebas basadas en cuestionarios que evalúan sus síntomas.


As Governor of the Bay Islands of Honduras, I would like to share with you a link to the page where you can make donations for the Bay Islands during the COVID 19 crisis and pandemic.


affected by the impact of COVID-19

The Mayor of Roatan’s office has an online form that you can complete and register for assistance if your job has been impacted by COVID-19


How to renew your Residency on line ?


Muchas personas actualmente en la isla han expresado que creen que han tenido Covid-19, o al menos han tenido muchos de los síntomas, lo que a menudo indica que es la enfermedad más grave que han tenido. Esta mañana en las actualizaciones de video en vivo, prometimos construir un cuestionario para que la gente lo complete. Si actualmente se encuentra en la isla y ha estado extremadamente enfermo y mostró síntomas de Covid-19 en los últimos meses, complete este formulario.

Many people currently on island have expressed that they believe they have had Covid-19, or at least had many of the symptoms, often indicating it is the sickest they have been ever. This morning on the live video updates, we promised to build a questionnaire for people to fill out. If you are currently on island, and have been extremely ill and showed Covid-19 symptoms in the last few months, please fill out this form.